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and let me worship thee. O for a closer walk with [?]

"A calm and heavenly frame

"A light to shine upon the road

"that leads me to the Lamb. I was unkind to 

my dear affectionate Brother. I am all impatience

self love and always ful[l] of wrath Lord forgive and 

pardon all my transgressions. Let thy holy spirit 

spring up in my heart; Let its fruits love, joy peace

long suffering gentleness, goodness, temperance 

actions and stages of this life Let me lead a 

Godly righteous and sober life to the glory of 

thy holy name. Grant it for Christ's sake.

Be with me through the day. Keep my tongue from 

evil and my lips that they may speak no guile. 

Let me be kind and loving to all mankind. 

Williamsburg Wednesday June 20th 1849

What a charming and glorious day. How  ungrate

ful we are to the Author of our being. Many

are now repining at the suffering of their

Crops for the want of rain. They do not rem

ember the great, good All wise Creator