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Knows best, Lord have mercy upon us, make us

dutiful and grateful servants; and make us 

contented and thankful. Ever more serving thee

in holiness; walking before thee in humility

all the days of our pilgrimage upon Earth. 

Truly there have been many occurrences since

my last statement. Persons who were then in health

are now languishing on beds of sickness and

almost despair of recovery. But how thankful

ought we to be that we are not all dying and

that direful scourge the Cholera but thanks

to a merciful Providence, no case has proven

fatal here. What a merciful Creator Lord

for Jesus sake pardon our misdoings.

I received intelligence from Gloucester on last 

evening of the rapid  desolation  produced in 

dear old Gloucester. How dear to my memory 

are the scenes of my childhood

Thirteen deaths and five new cases have occurred

on one plantation. The Physicians have given 

up in despair, they have been successful only

in a few cases. There was one case immediately