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relieved by the Thomasonian practice. I think

I should much prefer that medicine. It appears 

to me as if there was more immediate action

from that medicine on the system than the 

regular medicine could afford. But what I have 

heard from Norfolk, the Sulpher and Carbon

have now failed, but  [early? ] application which

has been made has proved efficacious. I think

the proportions are 6 grains of the former to two

grains of the latter continued every ten or

fifteen minutes until the Patient has been

relieved. It is indeed a wonderful discovery. 

Dr. Edwards of Ohio who is reputed to be the

greatest physician in the U. States has positively

declared there are no  premonitary symptoms.

But what are usually termed premonitary symptoms 

is the disease itself and should be treated 

in the quickest time his prescriptions I

do not now recollect. We are all well on this

lot. Aunt Hetty is convalescent; and i hope 

will speedily recover. Mr. Waller has rode to the

farm the first day of this week started on 

Monday but met with a        misfortune