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after riding a short distance, his Mare became lame

he got down to discover the cause and found 

that she had stuck a nail up to its head in 

her foot she is now perfectly lame I never 

saw an animal suffer more. She groans

audibly  whenever any application is made

They have bathed it in various hot baths, rubbed

with  [?]  and turpentine. It does not 

seem to improve. I hope it may not 

be materially injured. She would be a

very serious loss, being such a valuable animal

Having been recently offered 100? $ [probably intended $1000] for her.

O Lord thy blessing attend me through

this day. Make grateful for the

mercies remove for favor me 

and repining. Let thy will and not 

mine be done. O Lord. 

July [?] 1849. The blessed Sabbath morning.

Another six days work is done, a

Another Sabbath has begun. Lord make us rem

ember to keep holy this blessed day. Thanks be to

the mercifuil God for permitting me to see the

Glorious light of another sabbath. I have not