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attended public worship for this Sabbath Yet I

was permitted through divine assistance to read

the Holy Bible and other works of sacred import. Lord

make me improve the numerous privileges which those

art so merciful as to extend to me. Make me mind

ful of my duty towards thee. Let me no longer

grope in darkness while it is noon day. Grant that 

every tongue may praise and glorify thy name 

forever more. I have for the last ten days been

so much indisposed as to unfit me for any service

whatever. I fear I am fast treading the road

to destruction. Lord for Jesus sake arrest my steps.

And grant for his sake I may never more stray

from happiness and thee. We are all gloomy

now. Uncle Waller's periodical attack has commenced.

His sufferings are indescribable. he is perfectly deranged

though very quiet and peaceable. Yet I have

a fear of may be a weakness but one 

which I can never conquer. I suffer so much

from timidity. And never having been 

accustomed to any thing of the kind. 

I cannot have confidence in his appa-

rent harmlessness. For I am afraid of any