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maniac. His two sons suffer so much from

sympathy with him. It is really distressing

to see them they have wept bitterly. But the

merciful Lord, loveth whom he chastened.

Sanctify these afflictions to the good of

our souls. O most merciful redeemer.

It is oppressive today although we have been

so recently blessed with glorious and refreshing

showers. Harvest is over with us and I am

truly glad when it is past. The poor labourers

suffer so much from extreme heat and

fatigue. I was much disappointed at not

hearing from my dear relations in Gloucester.

But I trust in Providence wherever I be.

Lord help to pass through this day with

rejoicing and thanksgiving grant for

Jesus sake that I may keep it holy unto thee.

Williamsburg July 16th Tuesday morning 1849

Such a length of time has elapsed since my

last record, I scarcely know how to commence

this day's actions. How numerous have been

the changes since my last statement But I cannot

recall one of them at this moment. I know