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they have taken place but the cause and 

effects I know not. Today is the 16th of July

and what glorious, delightful weather

neither too warm or cold; really it is charm-

ing. Thanks be to God for his unbounded

mercies. Enable us O! father to be more

grateful , to be sensible of thy merciful

loving kindness and forbearance which

thou [?] towards us who are so  undeser

ving and rebellious a people. I have not 

completed my summer wardrobe. And I

am truly gratified for the task of making 

dresses is so troublesome I always look on 

it with utter abhorrence. I have been 

indulging very much of late in the 

literary line, having perused two novels

which is not very usual with me. However

one was edited by a minister of the gospel

and was truly an excellent work which would 

instruct and benefit any one. It  dellineated

very forcibly the greatness and exceeding riches

of the grace of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ. Thoug[h?]  the wicked and rich