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in this world's goods might prosper

for a time, Yet the All seeing eye

hath reserved a crown of riches far

surpassing their possessions for those 

who love him. Yet they may like the

Bay tree flourish awhile and extend

their authority all around their

dwelling. Yet God is the judge he 

putteth up one and setteth down another

I wish to commence today Sir Roland 

Ashton a work by Rev. T. Headly. having 

been delighted with some of his writing

he has become my favorite author 

There is so much truth and sound

reasonings in his publications. 

Mr. Charles has left for the farm. I hope 

he may have a pleasant ride. he is at 

this time riding a lot which has been

very recently initiated in that valued art. 

a pleasant rider. Today is mail day. I am 

anticipating the arrival of the mail

hoping it may bring some tidings 

from the absent. I was disappointed