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through the last part. But I hope it did

not proceed from any serious cause

I am inclined to attribute it to my

previous silence. I suppose they were 

tired of writing without being 

responded to although I have always 

been punctual. Yet my indisposition

has prevented my usual strict attenti-

on to the dispatches of my dear kind

friends. Peace attend them Keep me 

under the shadow of thy Almighty 

wing this day. O King of Kings.

Monday morning July 23d Williamsburg 1849

Since my last statement almost a week has elapsed

It appears impossible for me to note the daily

occurrences of my varied life. Once it was as 

regular a daily occupation as any of my 

numerous duties I deemed it incumb-

ent upon me to notice and record

the employment and the manner 

of spending each day of brief existence. 

I fear I am losing my former morbid 

inclination for the  eventual use