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This transcription is complete!

of my dear and valued friend. My pen. 

I must deny myself and as practice makes

perfect attend to this accomplishment 

more consistently. I have been a little 

indisposed for the last day or two having 

dissipated it on Thursday last until 

quite a late hour which always produces

an unpleasant feeling in my stomach

and frequently effects my head 

I attended Church on yesterday but 

did not feel well in the morning.

Thinking a little exercise would prove

beneficial I reached the church and 

felt a little  [?]  from walking. 

However ere the Sermon had conclu-

ded I regretted my presence dreading every

minute lest I should be compelled 

to leave. I was very nearly exhausted 

when I reached home, from disabilty

and fatigue having made a very light

breakfast that morning. laid down so

quickly as possible taking a little repose

when I [awaked ?]  found myself with