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a very high fever which lasted until 

night, I feel much better to day, having rested

very well; am much refreshed this morning.

Aunt has gone out visiting today, the 

very first time since I returned from 

Gloucester. She is mending rapidly and 

reminds me so much of Aunt Field

Uncle Waller is very restless to day, the 

weather being excessively warm which

very much effects his brain, still the

others are well. Thanks be to God for 

his mercies. [We?] have determined  

to add some inducement for 

persons remaining here 

the season   some sociable hospitable

families have set apart every Tuesday

for an assembly of persons together

for the [purposing?] of conversing

and enjoying each other's society.

I think these little affairs are

termed [teas?]. I have a season [?]

feel very much complimented

But fear my health will not admit