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of constant attendance. I thank thee

O! God for this privilege of writing

Keep me under the shadow of 

thy wings this day. Let me be diligent

instant in prayer and present in

supplication. Williamsburg Tuesday July 21st

Boast not tomorrow for thou knowest

not what a day may bring forth. 

If we would all remember, and apply

this wise proverb of Solomon how few

would  our more numerous affli-

ctions and disappointments would 

appear in comparison with the 

present number. It is with much 

sorrow and regret that I received 

the mournful intelligence of the death

of dear little Tabb Catlett who died on the 20th

of July 1849. The Idol of his Mother's heart.

Take warning all ye who have disobeyed

that first and often violated com-

mand "Thou shall have none other

God's than me, For mark the penalty

Lo soon as thou bow at not another throne