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[Can?] My own, dear Cousin

It was with 

feelings of sorrow and much regret

that I received the mournful intelligence 

of the death of dear little Tabb. It is true

I had been expecting to hear of the release 

of the dear little sufferer. Yet I still hoped

that the skill of the Physician might

baffle the fatal enemy, and the Good Lord

might lend him a little longer. But the 

Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

who will say unto him what doth thou

He  had thought fit to take the little 

sufferer home, And though it may

be your loss, yet is his gain, and 

he now rests in the bosom of his father

The spirit which animated him cannot 

die, cannot see corruption; I know 

all that pertains to death is awfully im-

pressive and to those who have not

a hope beyond the grave, it is overwhelm-

ing. How awful is our state of few

days and full of trouble. The flowers