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which today delight and ravish our eye;

tomorrow are set down and withered.

All on Earth must say to corruption

thou art my Mother and to the worm

thou art my sister. Such is our destiny

by nature. Thou hast been taught by the 

word of God that though the 

tabernacle be dissolved , thou hast a build

ing of God, a house not made with 

hands, eternal in the heavens, Joyful

prospect. That dear litle Angel in

Heaven is now a member of that

choir who voices are ever heard

in the praise of their all suffic

ent redeemer. Live but in the pre

paration for this and death will 

lose its sting the grave its terrors

and the world its charms.

Well then, My beloved and sorely

chastened Cousin, be not cast down

The Lord loveth whom he chastened.

All on Earth is changeably there is not

rest here. But God is unchangeably his arms