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of mercy are all open to receive those

who seek him, his promises are as eternal

as his nature. The only wisdom is to

seek God and prepare to meet him

And then remember

the privilege of again meeting wtih

dear little Tabb, is [?]  extended

And I am sure will not let it pass

unheeded. Remember when you meet

again, You will meet to part no more. 

My best love to my dear Cousin Ann.

I know not what to say, except to prepare

to meet him whence she shall never be

severed.  If little Tabb could have spoken

his last words would have been; weep not

for me dear parents. I go where glory

and happiness awaits me. Prepare and

meet me on that blissful shore. 

We all sympathize and desire to be

with you and share your grief,

as we have so often participated in

your joys. All send their love

to you all. My dear Cousin.