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Martha, I hope I have not displayed

any want of feeling in the preceding

lines, if I have such was not my intention.

It was my only wish to afford consolation

and though absent in the flesh yet

present in mind. I must say 


The blessings of God be 

upon you and all, 

Williamsburg Monday morning July 22, 1849

How numerous have been the changes

since my last note, some have through

a merciful Providence been deprived

of friends & there have been laid on 

beds of sickness . Some have been 

murmuring and repining against

the will of the Almighty. Although

we have slightly afflicted in the 

sickness of one of the family.

William has been excessively ill for 

the last week with a most violent 

dysentery, the most obstinate of

all diseases, even when checked in