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the     but the present & instant

being very much aversed to taking

medicine kept his situation a

secret from his devoted mother

until nature & haunted by her [?]

opponent acknowledged its conquest

in the most tactful positive man-

mer, Though the mercies of Providence 

the measures which have used

have been blessed with a happy 

relief and he is now (though

yet very low) much better than 

he has been previously. I trust

and pray to God if it be his

will to restore him to his dear, afflic

ted parents the Idol of so many

hearts will certainly be chastised.

Tear any Idol from our hearts 

enable us to worship thee in the spirit 

and truth. Reign there O! Mighty 

Creator give me godliness and content

ment therewith. Let me improve

my time, [never?]  murmuring