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through a long suffering, forbearing

redeemer, how have I employed the precious 

moments allotted to my care? I fear

Alas! Alas! I know I have left undone 

what I ought to have done, there is no 

health for me. I can only trust in 

the merciful Saviour who is ever mak-

ing intercessions for us. Hear us O Lord

for Christ's sake make the meek and 

faithful believe in Christ for our  one

Lord. O! Lord, we beg for Jesus' sake a

day? light Divine shed abroad in our

hearts. I feel O! Lord that I have been 

and am a vile sinner. I know that

nothing which I can do, can obtain

thy reconciliation but only the media

tion, can we obtain mercy, on him I

now rely, for his sake, O' God forgive

my iniquities I [mourn?] Pardon these 

all and take the wanderer home!

Tomorrow the 3d of August has been

fixed upon by the President as a 

day of fasting and prayer to be observed