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throughout the United States. God help

us to appear unto thee to fast and

[?]  unto me. Let us daily deny ourselves

take up our cross and follow thee

   Augst 27th Gloucester Timber Neck 1849

Augst 27th This beautiful morning witnessed

the distressing scene which ever accompanies

the separation of united hearts, especially so 

when two hearts have been firmly cemented

and knit together by the strongest when

properly united of all ties which has

fallen to the lot of humankind, that 

of Husband and wife. Experience is a 

wise but truly a sad teacher those [?]

done thy work. Never again with my consent

will a separation ever seem, Lest the inter[?]

tion of the all wise power? Thank God for

the mercies we have previously enjoyed, and

I earnestly beg of him to keep him and

me in perfect obedience to his holy law. 

[?] murmuring  and repining

from me. Give us both resignation. Let 

thy will and not ours be done.