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Keep us both under the shadow of thy wings

throughout this. Let all we do think or say 

be in perfect obedience with thy wish. 

Defend us both from sickness, pains 

diseases and dangers, through Jesus Christ

our Saviour. Let no accident occur to part

from his [?]    Let all be well and the glory

and praise he given unto thee through

Jesus Christ our precious redeemer.

But if it be thy will, Let us be content

and the glory be given to thee.

Through the help of God I read the three chap

of the Prophesy of Jeremiah. 

43, 44th 45th, the first [?]   of the con

quest of Egypt, the the second the

obstinacy of the Jews and sign of 

their punishment, thirdly of Baruch

The Lord told him no to "lift up, for he had 

been wicked and he should be cast down

Pardon my sins O'Lord, Let me be dutiful

before thee, grant through Jesus Christ.