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employment. But I hope the Lord

will bless his servants with an [increase?]

And the old afflicted Institution 

may flourish once more. I think 

what she has done, she may and will

do again. That of being the mental

birth and station to so many great

statesmen. She may rear many more 

for the Presidential chair and other 

distinguished offices which none but

her scholars can fill. 

Williamsburg December 3d 1849

Such a length of time since my last record

that the feelings which accompany the present

one are similar to those experienced when

giving wellcome [welcome] to some dear friend, whom

fate has destined a long separation. I am 

thankful for this inestimable privilege it

well fills the place of one whom we 

desire to confide our thoughts, wishes, designs & 

I think we can with more confidence in 

its secrecy communicate them to paper. 

where not an eye but ours can read the