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October 23d Tuesday Williamsburg

I have just concluded my morning services. 

With the deep conviction that I do not live up

to my privileges. Thou melancholy the recollection

of having misspent many moments which 

might have been profitably employed in

reading and treasuring up the sacred prescripts

of God's most Holy word. Those frequently indeed

too numerous for thoughts or imagination 

to divine has that blessed book been read with 

out remembering or once thinking of its Holy 

origin. My thoughts like a fools eyes were 

wandering to the ends of the Earth. God forbid

that I should [?] revile and profane its sacred

pages again with such wicked and evil medita

tion. Would to God it might be my constant

study and delight. Let me read it withi an eye

single to thy glory. I only want to serve my

God and follow the example of our meek 

and lovely Saviour keeping his commandment

to love one another  engraven on my heart. 

I pray to God through Jesus Christ, to me a 

true faithful and his zealous follower.