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I have been apparently remiss in not acknowledging 

my kind sister's note accompanied by her wellcome [welcome]

nice present on Tuesday last but having written 

the week previously to my dear father I deemed

so many letters unwellcome [unwelcome] visitors and flattering 

myself that I have ere this received some

intelligence from you all. But I fear from

your continued silence, that you are yet 

too much indisposed to resume your corresp

ondence with one who ardently wishes for a 

few lines penned by your own hand. I was truly

distressed to hear of your indisposition.

I had imagined you had commenced your

long contemplated visit to the Highlands

and enjoying your usual good health. 

and therefore much astonished to hear of your

being at home. The Boatmen returned about seven

o'clock that night, heartily wellcomed [welcomed] by all. 

as their speedy arrival surprised us the wind

having been blowing almost a gale we have 

feared they would be detained for some days. 

It was really a providential occurence that

they did return for Cousin William has not