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the workings, disappointments, and enjoyments 

of the heart. Those many reflections does the 

recollections of this day, twelve months

ago produce when I remember the innumerate

changes which have occurred. I can with diff

iculty induce myself to believe; such changes

are realy so, that it is no dream but a sad 

reality. Alas! Alas! Child hood! hours have

fleeted by, it is now too late to regret their

flight, they are gone and with them flied

the happiest days allotted the human race.

I remember I remember how my childhood

fleeted by in the month of its december 

more especially does the arrival of this 

month revive the scenes so dear to memory. 

This month was always a time of festivity

and mirth when a child. My father's birth

day being Christmas day. That day

was always anticipated and wished for and

its early departure always lamented with

the childish familiar expression Chrismas 

is as far off as ever. But I thank God that

I am though somewhat advanced in