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years that I am blessed with Health

and my dear relation [?] extended to me

with the prospect of seeing another

Birthday. Good God preserve him for

Christ's sake. Have mercy and guide him

in the Heavenly way. Let us all be more

watchful and diligent to make our

high calling and election sure.

Williamsburg December 11th 1849

How thankful and grateful should we

all feel to the merciful Creator for the

bountiful blessings we have received at

his hands for in the beginning of our lives

until this minute Lord I do thank thee but

I beseech thee to make me humble before thee

our great and good God. The weather has changed

very much during the last 48 hours. Truly we

have been blessed with such beautiful and

healthful atmosphere for we have had spring

weather the principal part of the fall what

a share of health we have all enjoyed. I have

not heard of a severe attack in the City.

There have been some petty complaints