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But when we consider the misery gloom

which have presided the other part of the world

our voices should be raised in sounding the praises

of him who extends so many mercies to such

unprofitable and gainsaying subjects. We

are still unworthy , we are yet rebellious,

Lord have mercy upon us cause thy light to

shine in our hearts Let us become dutiful

and obedient to thy most holy laws.

Be with me through this day. Keep my saviour

near thy side. Let me live to thy glory.

My dear Sister, no doubt my unusual silence

has called forth complaints for my want of

punctuality in response to your last epistle.

However tardiness in replying to correspondents

can be so seldom applied to me, I think such

a rare occurrence ought to be forgiven so soon

as committed. I have been so constantly engaged

since the receiption of your letter and time flies

so rapidly that it requires double the space for

the completion of any task, which can generally

be executed in a short time; when the days are

of any length. It appears as if the days and