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years have both decreased since I could first rem

ember. I have some consolation in knowing 

that I am not singular in my conjecture

For I have frequently heard father make the same 

remark I cannot realize the solemn fact that 

Christmas is only three weeks off when 

December enters it I feel as if New Years Day 

has arrived so quickly does it pass away.

I have no objection to those three weeks pass

ing swiftly with their elapse. I shall you

all whom I do so earnestly desire to behold 

I think it is time already for you to be

showing as your bright fare when we par

ted that is the consolation which you offered 

me that I should see you so soon again

that soon has made itself very late to 

my own knowledge. I received a most pre

cious letter from my dear father a few days

ago, giving me a description of the dedicat-

tion &c. The Ladies must have gone there 

for the express purpose of enjoying 

one of the good things of this life. 

Mr. Wm Waller gave me a slight sketch of