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of the occasion. I felt much mortified that 

none of my numerous relations condescended 

to write  me one line, not one inquired after me. 

he told me he saw you and father also said it 

the most splendid dinner he had ever seen entertainment 

I will give the Odd fellows all that they deserve. 

I saw him the other evening. he told me he had 

received a long letter from father. The day previous

giving him some instruction in the cultivation 

of potatoes &c. I have something to communicate

which will quite astonish you. There was a 

loud shout in the Episcopal Church a few 

nights ago, and that too from an Episcop

alian. I think Mr. Dennison ought to be 

very well satisfied as he been sucessful 

in what so many have failed that is if they 

wished to effect anything of the kind. 

The occurrence was such a rare one that it

completely astonished and frightened us

all. The sermon had concluded and the 

choir were singing "how firm a foundation

Ye Saints of the Lord! They were just concluding 

the fifth verse when the most unearthly