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shriek burst forth, it sounded like some one in 

most agonised torture. I never was so much 

alarmed in all my life. It was with difficulty

I could stand while they concluded the services. 

She talked for some time. Mr. Dennison

waved his hand to the choir to stop and then

dsmissed us. It was deemed a very foolish      

freek [freak] in Mrs. Durphy by some high church 

members, others termed it a species of madness.

But she regards not the various opinions

says she will shout when she feels like it. 

and if they object to it she will go where 

she can shout to the Methodist, it created

quite a sensation here, for some time. 

But it has ceased to be the principal subject

as for conversation. I wish I could remem

ber. The various opinions given on the subject

They would be quite a source of amusement. 

Ned also visited Richmond for his health, 

returned a few days ago with the pleasant

intelligence that the Doctor would be down 

at Christmas, which has given us new 

life to the household; I think Ned was