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benefitted by his

My dear Grandfather

This being an unexpected

visitor but will I flatter myself prove a wellcome

one. I have intended writing to you for some

time past, but remembering how constantly 

you were engaged I was fearful of troubling

and therefore interrupting you. I have now 

summoned up courage sufficient to

put my intention into & caution with the 

hope that it will meet with a warm acceptance.

Although I never hear from you, I frequen

tly hear of you and am truly pleased to hear 

that you are looking so well and enjoying 

such good health which is certainly the greatest 

blessing extended to man; for when deprived 

of it, we are doubtless a burden to ourselves and 

to our fellow creatures. I think so you 

have been so much blessed with health and

strength you might confer a favor on your 

granddaughter by visiting her and others too. 

at a time when all labor being suspended 

your attention will not be absolutely