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required at home. You cannot conceive the pleas

ure it would give us to have the pleasure 

of your company for a few days [?] [?]

We cannot promise all the comforts and

luxuries which you enjoy at Landsdown.

Yet we will give you a comfortable room

and bed which are certainly thro important 

requisite especially to elderly persons.

And we will use every effort to make your

time pass pleasantly. Aunt Hetty and Uncle 

Waller all join in love and beg that you 

would comply with our most earnest request. 

Just think how easy it could be accomplished 

it you would only think so. Williamsburg 

is gradually reviving the old College increases

slowly there are now twenty students which

have greatly revived the drooping hearts

and faint hopes of the President and 

professors The Seminaries are both flourishing 

the superintendents are delighted with

their brilliant prospects of success. The 

Female Seminary has now forty scholars,

which are as many as he can well attend to