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I [scratched through words] I see Cousin

Louisa Wright very frequently she always 

inquires very particularly you and expresses

a great desire to see you sends her her love to

all the family says if you cannot come

you must let Cousin Sarah come and she 

thinks it probable she may return with her

to Gloucester, as she is very anxious to see you 

and will visit you as you will not visit her 

She has recently had a sett of false teeth

put in which have improved her looks very 

much and she is now as beautiful as ever. 

Sally attends the Female Seminary and has 

the reputation of being very studious 

and is a very talented child The last news 

she received from Mr. Wright. he had arrived

at San Francisco, was doing well hope to 

get to the mines a short time. You must

give my love to Cousin Mary when you see

her. Present my best love to Uncle William

when you write or see him. To Uncle Edward

and family. Give my best love. I have told you

all the news, which the place would