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my remaining days to his Glory and honor

Lord help me to examine my conduct through

the precious day. Let me do it carefully and sincerely

With what feelings I awoked this morning?

My heart was not filled with gratitude and did not

produce grateful, and thanksgiving to him, to 

whom all the praise was due, but was [?] full

of worldly anticipation. My petitions were hurried

and formal instead of hmility and sincerity

and agonizing wrestling supplication I fear

Lord help me.  I do not feel the necessity of a 

precious Savior's blood and mediation. 

I do not prize and study God's holy word as 

becometh those who profess are really Christ's

children. I know I should study every word

treasure, its sacred precepts, make it my con

stant study and delight & Lord make me love

my Bible more and take a fresh delight

in the perusal of its sacred pages; I did not

peruse any [?], which might induce a

more longing desire to serve and worship

my merciful Creator My conduct has been

similar to other worldings. I have done