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nothing which I ought to have done.

I have been impatient unkind to those who

are my protectors. I have yielded to outbursts [?] of 

passion given vent to my unruly member.

And acted contrary to God's requirements

have not brought forth the fruits of the

spriit. Have left undone what I ought to 

have done, done what I ought not to have done.

There is no spiritual health within me.

January 15th. How thankful and grateful should

every heart feel for the inmumerable mercies and 

privileges granted through a merciful Providence to

such undeserving wretches as we have and I especially 

have always been. But I fear they have been [consumed?]

and enjoyed by me as they would have been by

the brute, without regarding the source from whence

they came. Thus the awful remembrance of another

day's passing, and no progress in the Christian 

life Lord help me I am fast declining Help Lord

or I perish for Satan more gains advantage

my strength faileth. Oh! for a grateful heart

for a heart to yearn after the blessed Jesus to

desire more eagerly a knowledge of his love.