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I used to feel a Saviour. How I want to abandon all

my sins. I want a praying heart, a holy, grateful

heart, which produceth only good, holy fruits, Lord

I want to love thee more to live and walk closer with 

God. I do want a heavenly frame of mind, I want

no longer to dwell in the tents of wickedness, no 

more. Oh, if sin could all be cast away this

minute; what a burden would be cast away.

and  away to my Jesus would I fly. I will go to 

him now, Lord help me to take up my cross and follow

thee. I have been disrespectful to my kind

parents. The Holy Bible commands me to honor

my father and mother I have been unkind

to my sister and all my companions. 

I have not abandon or fail committing me 

of my besetting sins. Oh God have mercy upon

me. I fail to thank God for the mercies

received at his hands, I have been so careless about 

eternity. Lord let me wander no more. Let it be 

dedicated to thy service in a humble earnest

and sober manner. Keep Oh, King of Kings.