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manner. I do not want to be a hypocrite. I wish to 

love and serve my maker. I have been thoughtless

full of callowness to the innumerable mercies

extended to me by a merciful Providence, read his blessed 

word with carelessness mocked him in [assuming ?]

his name and calling upon him with my lips

and my heart was not engaged spiritually, done evil

and been unkind to my fellow beings taking

care to gratify my own sinful propensities; 

without consulting the feelings and wishes of 

others. Lord have mercy upon me let me cease

to do evil learn to do well. Prepare to render a strict

account of all my actions on Earth inherit [through?]

Thy help another and better world 

January 17th

Through Divine mercy I am permitted once more

to use my pen, I pray God it be to some good for I feel 

and know without his help all things are impossible

I have been unmindful of what it was my duty to 

do. I have been disregardful of the blessed command

ment to love my neighbor as myself. I feel my burden

my besitting sin yet unconquered and I am yet 

a prey to hasty temper, worldly affairs, and