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have no control over my unruly member, No impro

vement perceptible, all dark within, sin yet 

Today on hearing of the birth of another child

of my father's second marriage murmuring im

mediately burst forth my wicked heart yielded to 

all wicked emotions and guilty passions to the 

kind Lord who had extended to me a father and

so many dear friends, it is a trial but we all have

trials and tribulations here below it is true that is 

one of minor importance yet it weighs heavily

I wish I could subdue the wicked spirit and

let nothing of a worldly nature ever insecure

a hasty temper search  wicked speech Lord

have mercy upon me. Help me to examine myself

soberly and truthfully. I have been impatient

and unkind to all shown all the fruits of 

a wicked heart. Lord hear my prayer this night. 

Teach how  and for what to pray. A few moments

since returned from an evening party found

an invitation to attend another on the morrow

eve think it probable I shall decline; not

caring to attend such places I hope the good 

Lord will guide me in the heavenly way.