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Let me no longer from his commandments stray

The pleurisy is now prevalent amongst us, it seems

to be confined especially  to the Negroes. Lord

sanctify every affliction to the good of the souls

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord 

my soul to keep If I should die before I wake 

I pray the Lord my soul to take. 

January 17th 2 oclock at night

Another day has passed and gone the 

evening shades appear Oh! may we all 

remember well the hour of death is now.

Lord impress it up upon our thoughtless worldly

minds the improving on precious time

Let us hasten our steps and whatever our hands

findeth to do Grant we may do with all our 

might. I am [assured?] I do not take note 

of time not even from its loss. I know 

I have never spent one day in strict service 

to my Creator. I have been idle, [disregardful?]

of the many calls of mercy to return. I have 

been wicked in every respect. undutiful

to my maker callow and indifferent to 

improve the privileges which his mercy