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has offered me disrespectful to my parent

unkind to my companions impatient to those

whom I have to wait on me. Doing as I would

not wish to be done by. How shall I escape

If I neglect so great salvation Lord save me 

Take me into thy fold. Let me wander no more 

Teach me how to pray save my dying soul.

January 18th Saturday night. 1850

Through the mercies of divine Providence we

are permitted to have pass all through another

week. Another six days works is almost done.

How have those six days been employed. 

Another week of my precious time

has passed away. And I awfully tremble 

when o'er look o'er the past and consider 

my ways. I know I have chosen the evil

Satan has been my guide I have obeyed his [?]

wiles and temptation strictly living up to his

sinful capricious influence following his steps 

While my bleeding precious long suffering Savior

stands rejection. How long oh, merciful Lord how

long how often have I grieved thy  holy

spirit Lord take not thy spirit away. Though