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I have done thee such despite. Lord! enable me

to look over and examine my past life.

Let me earnestly repent of my misdoings

When I  think of the past week, remember my

disobedience to the blessed commandments.

I know not how to pray for forgiveness. Father

I have sinned but oh! forgive. Have I though

the past week obeyed the first and great command

I have not acknowledged him in all my ways.

I have not been daily denying my myself rejoicing

in persecutions, and crosses. Oh no I have been

only desirous of gratifying the sinful desire

of this corruptible body indulging in everything

which ends in destruction. My thoughts have been

of the world taking thought what I should 

wear disobeying the precious injunction of the

merciful crucified redeemer; I have not been

striving hourly to enter in at the straight gate

I have not been praying without ceasing work

ing out my own salvation with fear and trembling

serving the Lord, I have been unkind and 

undutiful to my parents to my companions.