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been impatient contented only to gratify

my own will without regarding or consulting

the comfort of others; I have been hard to 

those whom the Lord has given to be with me. 

The blessed Bible has not been my constant study

I have read it only as a task without heeding

the sacred precepts contained & have in 

Thou many opportunities; have passed neg

lected. Thou my soul trembles at the thought

of black ingratitude continual disobedience

and incessant backsliding. Lord let me return

Heal my backsliding help Lord, for with thee

nothing is impossible. Teach me to worship

thee in the spirit and truth. 

When I remember the narrow escape

of Mr. Waller this evening from an al

arming  faintness I can only feel

When all thy mercies O My God my rising

Transported with the view I am lost in wonder

love and praise. The Gloucester gents left 

day after a short visit truly we were blessed

with a beauteous day the glorious sun shone

in all of its brightness not a cloud to darken