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the sky. If it be consistent with thy will oh, 

Lord continue it. I beseech thee. Miss Va.

Waller, arrived today we are almost overcome 

by strangers the town will overflow shortly. 

I hope they may all spend their time 


28d January Williamsburg 1850

Another day of my earthly existence has passed

I fear unimproved I having been indisposed

have indulged in resting my somewhat wearied

limbs having been very much fatigued through

the previous nights. attending to my beloved

Charly who was suffering with a severe indispo

sition resembling Pneumonia having a 

tendency towards that disease and being now

very prevalent and proven very fatal in

a variety of cases. But thanks be to my [Almighty?]

God for the speedy restoration of my

dearest beloved husband through his behalf is

now convalescent though appearances were

so unfavorable a few days ago; as to [incur?]

the most sanguine to despair of life

I cannot be sufficiently thankful