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to the Good being for his preservation

and existence until this minute. I pray 

thee all wise father to sanctify the aff

liction to the good of his and our souls. 

I have been suffering with the most

excruciating pain in all my limbs

since his recovery through [persuasion?]

I took gr of blue mass last night

and later this morning which had 

the happy effect of dissipating all my

numerous complaints. Thanks be to God for

his mercies. My time has been occupied of 

late in the perusal of the reformation 

translated by D'Aubigne which I have 

hear is a very thrilling entertaining work

not having perused many or any of 

his works previously I am not 

 though past acquaintance to give 

my opinion from what I can gather from 

others. I shall be very pleasantly employed.

I have been fortunate of late received on

Yesterday a present of an interesting titled 

Book Three Eras in the life of Woman.