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The title being very attractive will induce

numerous perusals however time will

not be lost. I have been informed it is a 

work of much information and contains some 

striking similarities to occurrences in

real life. beautifully portrayed written 

by T. S. Arthur. I fear and know too

well. I have awfully trifled my time

away this day. Been indulging in hasty

tempers, angry, sinful words. I have 

left undone & what I ought to have done. 

I must approach the throne of all Grace. 

Lord help me to repent and amend my life.

Williamsburg January 24th 1850

We have be blessed with another beautiful 

and [reviving?]  day. Thanks be to God, for a con

tinuance of his mercies; we are so unworthy,

unclean, unclean, Lord have mercy and

cleanse us from all sin. I have a severe chill

last night after retiring which lasted for some

time; but through the assistance of heated

bricks, was made comfortable but rested very 

unpleasantly, being restless, having a