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I fear Satan is gaining ground. I fear 

too truly he reignth it seems he is let loose

What and how numerous are his wiles 

success prevails his domain those whom

we dared hope were freed from Satan's power

here again submitted his hurtful and 

dangerous chains to bind them. I [?]

the faithful are too truly failing and 

diminishing among the children of 

men Oh! God help us to resist his temptation 

I thank God it seems as if his bonds were

loosened Lord help me for Jesus sake to warn

do them entirely It is true, I have been un

faithful this day my heart has been one

worldly objects, I fear, Lord forbid, I love

the creature more than the Creator.

I have yielded to hasty temper irregular

words and altogether been vile and disobedient

I hope with God assistance to overcome the 

world and sit down at the right hand of 

my father who art in heaven. Lord, help me to watch and pray

And are  thyself rely assured if I my trust betray

I shall forever die.