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I want to spend the remainder of my days

in his service, I feel assured I have not 

long to make my peace with him. I know

I do not deserve this minute. Grant Oh! God

my life may be devoted to thee. I have been

slightly indisposed for the last eight or nine

days. My dear Charles having been sick with

a most threatening aspect either Pneumonia

or pleurisy both of which are very alarming 

required my strict attention and influ[?]

the most distressing anxiety. having 

been compelled to sit two nights with him 

to obey his patient and seldom calls taken 

violent cold which has affected my whole

frame and has caused much suffering.

For the last three days been confined with

a violent pain in the breast various

remedies have been applied without

affording any permanent relief. 

I hope the Good Lord will forgive my 

murmuring and sanctify the affliction

to the good of our souls I am truly thankful

for my dear husbands speedy recovery.