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And ever thankful the merciful Lord 

chose for me a portion I bear it with thanks

giving. We were all much rallied by the

arrival of Mattie Field a dear relation 

I hope she will spend some time with me. 

I pray God to make me holy and righteous 

February 1st 1850

What a bright and glorious commencement has this

fearful month made amongst us. To day has been a 

charming companion for all who were permitted 

to enjoy its enlivening influence externally and 

indoors. Thanks be to the good Lord that he has

afforded me health and strength to regale 

my exhausted nature with its healing breath

some days I was allowed the privilege of leaving 

my confines for a short walk which exercise 

being very requisite to health and soothe angry

impatience and other passions which are 

to frequent allowed the dominion over us. 

I am very much revived both in feelings

and spirits for I was melancholy seize [?]

  I felt the charming influences the