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sweet day possessed. I trust with the help of 

Providence to continue convalescent

ere long be myself again. But if the all

wise being orders a continuation of ill

health, I pray for submission and strict 

resignation to the wise decree. The Lord gave 

And the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the

name of the Lord. I have been slightly 

indisposed my complaints have been too

numerous the most flagrant ingratitude

have been my constant accompaniment 

I hope it may be the last murmur which

shall ever escape my sinful lips or occupy

my wicked heart Lord help me to renounce

all sin and follow thee. Mr. Waller atten

ded the Lodge to night has not returned

as yet it is getting late. The Lord protect

him and keep him from all sin. 

I thank God for the solace always extended me

when all others are fled I have a Savior who

will never leave nor forsake me. I pray God to make

me love him more and take fresh delight by day.