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to read my Bible over.I want to live only to his

glory here and in the world to come dwell 

in his happy presence Where sickness sorrow 

pain or death are felt and feareth no more. 

All is continual sunshine. There no clouds

ever darken that sky where Jesus reigns love

forever reigns. I shall not be lonely then, if I 

can only get there. I know I do not deserve a 

share prepared for the holy people I am not 

worthy to be with them on Earth much less

to join them in the celestial palace but none

were worthy until Jesus' blood washed us

and make us clean. I can apply to him now.

He will save me, tho my sins be as scarlet, 

he will make them as wool in purity 

All tears will be wiped from my eyes then

none will ever again dangle  and tremble 

in the distressed and [?]  that is 

there is comfort thank God for his mercy

I pray the Lord will draw my heart and

mind from all created  things. I want

to care for nothing else but my Savior

Jesus my all in all I love him But