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I want to love him more If his presence 

were always then nigh my summer 

would last all the year no neglect no frowns

to meet and sadden my present darken

pathway all storms would be hushed all

peaceful and dear if Jesus were always near

When in solitude I sometimes weep when 

I think of my lonely and melancholy

situation when others are participating in

some pastime, sport or listening to some 

winning story or engaged in some 

recreation I am tempted to think of 

childhood hours and remember my

term of pure unsullied with a tear 

My bright my happy childhood I would 

give the hopes of years for by gone hours 

I have then nothing but some soiled baby

dress or some [injured?] Toy to extract a sigh

or a tear which was always exchanged for

a bright joyous smile which totally oblit

erated all shadows and sunlight was again

restored. The same Good being who protected

and made me happy then still offers